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Title: Direct Reading A Answer Key Section The Rock Cycle PDF, ePub eBook


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Directed reading a section the rock cycle 1 a naturally occurring solid mixture of one or more minerals or organic matter is called a an element b a rock c a compound d an atom 2 the continual process by which new rock forms from old rock is called a deposition b erosion c the rock cycle d compaction the value of rock 3 rocks have been used by humans throughout . Directed reading b lesson 4 1 section the rock cycle circle the letter of the best answer for each question 1 what is a solid mixture of one or more minerals and organic matter called a sediment b sand c rock d magma 2 what is the process called that forms new rock from old rock a the erosion cycle b the rock cycle c the water cycle d the carbon cycle the value of rock 3 early . Draw and label a diagram representing the rock cycle in the box describe the rock cycle on the lines below be sure to explain the processes required to change one type of rock into another. Section 1 name class date the rock cycle continued what processes shape the earths surface many different processes are part of the rock cycle these processes shape the features of our planet they form the mountains and valleys that we see around us they also affect the types of rock found on the earths surface weathering erosion and deposition weathering happens when water wind . Mitosis and the cell cycle use the figure below to answer questions 17 through 20 circle the letter of the best answer for each question 17 look at the figure when does mitosis begin and the chromosomes condense into rodlike structures amitosis phase 1 cmitosis phase 3 bmitosis phase 2 d mitosis phase 4 18 look at the figure when do the chromatids separate and move to opposite sides

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